Digital Social Media Marketing Agency

The Client

SGK Landscaping is a design, project management, maintenance, and commercial landscaping company. SGK learned that listening to their customers enables them to meet and exceed all expectations. They carry this principle into every project from design to implementation.

The Problem

SGK approached our team to help them portray their company's messages and philosophies in the digital space. They wanted to convey the visual aesthetic of their work on social media and to facilitate conversations that aid them in assisting their customers.

The Solution

Our approach was to not only increase the exposure to their work but to improved the quality of the way their projects were shown through still images. Conveying the visual aesthetic of their work is critical for the success and growth of their social presence.

The Results

Facebook's canvas ad was a brand new medium that allowed for a more immersive ad experience, and we were able to provide a better representation of the beautiful landscapes that SGK creates. An interactive experience for viewers was key in causing them to not just view the ad, but engage with it. We were able to send a variety of messages as well as show a collection of SGK's work. The end result was a dynamic and fun advertisement that transcended the traditional idea of what an ad can accomplish but instead gave viewers a complete idea of who SGK is and what they are capable of. It was picked up within a month by several major publications: Facebook, Adweek, Social Times, and Marketing Land. During the campaign SGK received over 470K impressions (within a 75 mile radius), over 5K engagements, and a 955% fan increase.