Digital Social Media Marketing Agency

The Client

UAM, Universal Asset Management, is a company that breaks down, refurbishes, and leases commercial aircraft equipment. They have secured contracts with several key customers, including Continental Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Omni International Airlines. After a period of several years of growth, UAM continues to expand with the goal of becoming a beacon of innovation & success in the international aviation industry.

The Problem

UAM wanted to change their current perception and brand of the company from what they were to the new direction they were heading. It was time for UAM to go from a technical company to a technology company.

The Solution

Through a series of brainstorms and exercises we came up with “reimagining the aviation industry.” Our team decided to implement tactics through social media and online efforts. This included pushing the boundaries of what UAM’s competitors and the industry as a whole had already done.

The Results

At the conclusion of our campaign, UAM had received a 64,784% engagement increase and a 3,154% increase in link clicks. On Facebook, UAM received 1.4M impressions, a 565% fan increase, and 19k engagements. On Twitter, they received 51,943% engagement increase, 1.3K link clicks, and 1.8K shares. On Linkedin, they received 93K impressions, 828 engagements, a 28% fan increase, a 6758% fan increase, and 467 shares.